Top Escape Rooms In Kansas City

Breakout KC Escape Rooms

114 W 3rd St #102, Kansas City – 10 mins

Rivermarket presents 7 escape room choices depending on what you like. The Patient 57 difficulty level is 8/10 and involves illegal tests and mind control. The Raid is rated 6/10 in difficulty involves launching a cure for disease before it’s too late. Room 13 is rated 7/10 and you have to escape from a sinister hotel. The Truman Room is rated 9/10 in difficulty level where you have to find the mole to win the election. The Szechuan Secret is rated 8/10 and requires you to recover launch codes stored by an ally. The Gambler is rated 8/10 and challenges you to save the Oceanside Casino. The Hero is rated 7/10 and involves stopping a rogue scientist.

Price: $30 per person

Duration: 1-2 hours

Escape Room (Kansas City’s live Escape game)

511 W 4th St, Kansas City – 10 mins

Kansas City Live Escape room offers 7 escape rooms to try. The Theory of Everything is rated a 2/5 on difficulty and involves solving the disappearance of a famous scientist. Secret Agent is rated 3/5 and takes place in a safe house where you have to find the double agent. Prison Break is rated 4/5 and involves breaking you and your friend out of prison. The Da Vinci Code is rated 3/5 and features compartments, puzzles, twists and turns.

Price: $22.50-$34

Duration: 1-2 hours

The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

1600 W 8th St, Kansas City – 10 mins

The basement features a room where only the intelligent survive. Trapped in a cannibalistic serial killer’s late mother’s house, you must uncover and organize clues in order to escape. The difficulty level is rated 4/5 and the intensity level is also rated 4/5 so good luck and may the smartest escape.

Price: $32 per person

Duration: 1 hour

The Escape Artist KC

408 E 18 St b, Kansas City – 10 mins

Escape Artist offers a variety of escape rooms that are great for different ages. Toy Shop Puzzle is for kids 6+ years old; help find the toymaker find his kitty. Puzzle Master’s Playroom is for players 10+ years old and challenges your ability to see deception and illusion. Toy Shop: SVU is for players 13+ years old, where you have to investigate and stop the Mafia leader before it’s too late.

Price: $19-$25 per person

Duration: 1 hour

Full Moon Escape

1401 W 13 St Suite C, Kansas City – 8 mins

The Beast Workshop is considered a harder escape room. Here, you must use your engineering and gaming skills to escape from a tool room . The Ghost of Merlin’s difficulty level is Medium. In this escape room you have to work to uncover Merlin’s secrets before time runs out.

Price: $25 per person

Duration: 1 hour