Kansas City History & Fun Facts

Kansas City is filled with a variety of history, entertainment and fun.

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Hometown History
  • The Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails originated in the Kansas City Metro area
  • Walt Disney opened his first animation studio in KC, Laugh-O-Gram, where Mickey Mouse was born
  • Hallmark began in Kansas City in 1910
  • Kansas City ignored Prohibition during the 1920s, leading to jazz clubs, brothels and gambling halls

Fun Facts

  • If you start at the heart of Kansas City, it’s only a 3-hour flight from or to either coast
  • There are 134 miles of trails and bike paths, 220 parks and 119 monuments
  • In March KC hosts the most basketball games than other areas in the country
  • The Country Club Plaza opened in 1922 as the nation’s first outdoor shopping district
  • Other things that were created in Kansas City include: the Fire Pole, the Bomb Pop, the bumper stickers, Rival crockpot and Wishbone Salad Dressing
  • KC carries the nickname “Haunted House Capital of the World” due to their open format of roaming visitors
  • Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque hosted at least 4 different U.S presidents
  • M&M’s candy coating process was mastered by MRIGlobal, located in KC

Top reasons to visit KC in 2020

  • Toast 100 years since Prohibition
  • Celebrate Charlie Parker’s Centennial
  • Big Year for Baseball
  • “The Buck Stops Here”
  • Preserving American Royal’s Legacy
  • Ghenghis Khan Conquers Union Station
  • New Elephant exhibit at the zoo

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